About Aditya Bioinnovation Pvt. Ltd.

ADITYA BIOINNOVATION PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private Company limited by Shares., based in Nagpur-440013, Maharastra, India. There are three directors associated with Aditya Bioinnovation Private Limited. They are: Archana S Bagchi, Aniruddha S Bagchi, and Vikas P Gupta. Parthopratim Chatterjee is co founder and technical advisor to this company.

The company is doing formulation from readymade botanical extract purchased from reputed company of India, formulation is done by mixing the extracts and the unit is situated at Nagpur. Two product Patents pending for two different formulation in the name of Dr S.S.Bagchi, Mr.Aniruddha S Bagchi (one of the director) and Mr Parthopratim Chatterjee co-founder and Technical advisor . Patent pending Products will be marketed through Aditya Bioinnovation Pvt Ltd. 

  • Our products are formulated from 100% botanical extract and natural salts in nano form . Indian Patents received on proprietary formulations. All the products are formulated in alcohol and water . All the contents are in nano form, dilution is in the range of 1x 10-12 to1x 10-60.
  • Composition :- Herbal extract and salt based Newtonian nano fluid ,product contains Alcohol content and water 90:10, our products are based on field research based.
  • All the products will be formulated by Aditya Bioinnovation Pvt Ltd and marketed through marketing partners( B2B) .
  • Quality of the finished product will be consistent as the inputs are purchased from reputed companies of India.

Our Vision & Mission

To augment the income of farmers through affordable eco friendly agro-inputs for a sustainable future.

To provide economically viable and environmentally sustainable agro-inputs through innovation to farmers.

Our Networks & Associations

Startup India

Startup India – Adityabioinnovation is amongst one of the  startups to get DIPP RECOGNITION as a “Startup” under the Startup India Mission. Apart from getting certificate and recognition, Startup India has helped us network with several national and international market partners.

IGKV R-ABI – Adityabioinnovation has been an incubatee of IGKV R-ABI under the UDBHAV program. They have helped us network as well as provided us with resources to grow. Adityabioinnovation has been one of the first startups to get selected for the funding support from “Government of India” through the R-ABI scheme.